If your starting a new buisness, or want to rebrand your existing business then you’ve come to the right place. I specialize in helping small businesses explore and create thier corporate image. First impressions are everything. Make your first impression one that lasts. 

design with purpose

A Logo, a Business Card and a Website.

Bring your vision to life.

The beginning foundation for any successful brand starts with these three elements. Taking the time to develop your logo, business card and website to work together cohesively, will go a long way in promoting your new business. Building a brand is like building a house, both need a solid foundation.

Logos Built to Last

A well crafted logo could be the first impression most of your potential clients see. Projecting the right image, the image you envision is paramount.

Your logo will potentially appear across a lot of different platforms from print to social media sites. Create a logo that will easily adapt across all the various platforms. Design a logo that gives your company a sense of commitment, trust and reliability.

Business Cards that Make a Lasting First Impression

Business cards are still a must have marketing tool especially if you do a lot of networking. It’s important to create a card that stands out from all the others. Using nicer paper, more modern colors, embossing, foil stamping, the options for standing out are endless. Having all your business papers looking sharp and professional will only add a sense of trust and reliabilty to your brand.

Websites Built to Adapt and Grow with Your Business

Some sites are merely an extension of your business card. Others are a total catalog of your products and services. Either way its imparative today too have a website that is a secure online reflection of your business in conjunction with social media presence.

I build all my websites using a dyanmic WordPress® theme that allows for your site to adapt and change as your business grows. With a little bit of training, my sites are easily self managed allowing you to make necessary changes quickly without relying on a programer.

If your starting a new small business out of your garage or from your kitchen it shouldn’t matter. What matters is the image your business is putting out. In other words, you don’t have to be big, to look big.


I have over 30 years of Industry experience and in that time  I’ve learned a lot about the mistakes that we can made starting a new business and want to share that knowledge with those who are committed to becoming successful.

I Started JOE Design in 2002 with a focus on helping new small start up businesses build a their brand without spending a fortune. 

I offer FREE consulting to help anyone serious or thinking about starting their own business. At the very least I can share with you some insights that could help you make more educated decisions when creating your brand.  

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