After a lot of tutorials I wondered what I could do with all the cool stuff I learned to create. So I decided to make a short epic using most of the objects and characters I built through watching some awesome Youtube videos. This video is a tribute to Blender and all the online tutorial artists. Many Thanks.

Screen Cast

Ricky Robata

Ricky is a relic, but still gets by on his 2MB of RAM


Willy is WalEEs Cousin. Same factory, differnt assembly line.

Demetry DIOD

Diod is best known for his bit parts in Starwars and his bad attitude.

Sally Flutters

Part time actor, part time security guard, part time clueless.

The Characters

All of the robots were created following the awesome and easy to understand tutorials offered by Ryan King ART on YouTube. The plane was the end result of my “7 Day Introduction to Blender Series” offered by CrossMind Studio on Youtube. And the doughnut is the very first tutorial I did just to get my feet wet and to peek under the hood of this dynamic program. The doughnut tutorial has been redone many times by the BlenderGuru on YouTube to keep up with the newer versions of Blender.

Chip Chopper

Chips a puddle jumpin, crop duster from Kansas City.

The Doughnut

It’s a doughnut with pink icing and sprinkles. YUM.