The Swamp

I was browsing the Blender tutorials when I came accross a quick 15 min tutorial on creating a swamp scence. I have a client that works in and around marsh lands and thought I could adapt the tutorial into a video christmas card for my client. It was a real learning experience and I was free to do whatever so I started to experiment with water simulations and the physics properties of blender.

The first sence was fairly simple to create with what I had already learned in the first five months. The most time consuming part was animating the camera to move through the path the way I wanted. I think I learned more about what not to do than what to do with this project. Water and refractions and reflections take up a lot of processing power. Fortunatly there are many videos on YouTube on how to reduce the render times.

Water, water everywhere. I really enjoyed playing with the mantaflow water feature in Blender I wanted to push the boundries of my graphics card as well as my knowlege on how to create such a scene. I’m happy with the results but I know now that working with any of the Mantaflow domains in Blender will require a lot of patience and a lot of experimentation to truly understand what the simulation settings will produce. Enjoy the final cut.