The Physics and Mantaflow features in Blender 3.4 are incredibly powerful tools that can be used to create realistic, believable simulations. With the use of the Physics Engine, users are able to create objects that interact with one another in a natural way, with the ability to simulate gravity, friction, and other physical forces. The Mantaflow feature allows users to simulate realistic fluid dynamics, such as water, smoke, and fire. This can be used to create dynamic and visually interesting animations. The combination of these two powerful features allows for the creation of complex and detailed simulations that are both realistic and visually appealing.

3D Model in the Blender Application.

A Matter of Perspective

I’m truly astonded by the realism Blender produces.


What started out as an experiment soon turned out to be a project. I learned a lot about the interaction between water in manteflow and everything esle. Bring patience.